How Much Does a Website Cost in 2017?

In our digital age, every successful business has a fantastic looking website that is professionally designed, easy to use and practical for users. In fact, having a professionally designed website can make the difference between your business merely existing and being highly successful.

It’s essential to hire the right professionals to build and maintain a website that is specifically designed to suit your needs. Den Lion Associates are those professionals.

Den Lion Associates Website Design Agency offers you unique and bespoke designs that start from £99. Contact Us for your personalised costing quotation.

The Benefits of Website Design.

There is a clear and distinct difference between using free services to build a product and hiring a professional. Professionals are more reliable, flexible and will deliver an overall better quality product, especially when compared to many free online tools. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional website designer:

Impactful First Impression.

A sleek and professional looking website will instantly improve your brand image in the eyes of visitors, which in turn improves trust and guides users into the conversion funnel. A poorly designed or amateurish looking website gives the impression that you don’t take your business seriously.

Builds Consumer Confidence.

Any serious web designer will design a website with User Experience (UX) in mind. This not only reinforces how trustworthy and credible you are, but makes it easier for customers to find what they need and simplifies the whole process for them.

Challenges Competitors.

Many websites look the same and it can be very difficult to make yours stand out from your competitors without help. A high quality website means conveying your unique mission in a different and memorable way.

Saves Time and Money.

With a solid foundation, there are fewer things likely to go wrong, saving both time and money. It’s likely to be years before you even need to retouch the main design of your website.

Higher Search Engine Ranking.

A professionally designed website will include content optimised for search engines. This includes written words, images and links. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website appear higher on major search engines, meaning more clients land on your page, resulting in more sales.

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Website Design.

Our design process always starts with a strong vision which drives the whole project. With our grounding as a Website Design Agency, we measure our Design by how it works rather than simply how it looks.

We believe that Website Design is a broad term that encompasses a great deal more than whether a Website looks good or not. Website Design includes the structure of the sitemap, ensuring that all pages are easy to find through a logical structure. The layout of each page – ensuring that key information is presented clearly, and that the page isn’t overcrowded – is at least as important as the final Design aspects of colours and fonts.

At Den Lion Associates we’ve established a tried and tested Website Design process to ensure that every Website we produce delivers on its core aim. This begins with research on the target market and clarification of the key goals of the site. We then produce a rough Design vision to show our concept for the site, which acts as a basis for discussion and feedback. This vision is then developed into a full Website Design that is shown to clients, so feedback can be collated, revisions made, and the Design then signed-off.

Whether you’re looking for a simple brochure website or a fully featured online shopping cart system, we can meet your demands, and help you to identify your needs. Our client base and excellent reputation is steadily growing.

Responsive Web Design.

It’s essential for your business to be accessible anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices. That’s why we specialise in cutting edge responsive Websites that look beautiful on all desktops, tablets and mobiles.

The stats are there for everyone to see, over 58% of UK people use mobile devices to access the internet. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that potential?

Online Shopping Cart Systems (e-Commerce).

Take your business to the next level and start selling online.

There are endless possibilities with its feature rich standard system and exceptional commercial add-on library available.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation that really works, the natural, organic, long term way. Climb the Search rankings to increase traffic and sales, with a Service that adds real value to your business.

We strongly advise you to avoid anyone promising results overnight, because if you care about your business, you need a company that cares too.

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Website Hosting.

Website Hosting is the service that will get your website online. Without Website Hosting your site is just a collection of files that can’t be accessed by anyone! When you buy Website Hosting, you are allocated space on a Server - which is a computer - to store all the files needed to run your Website. The Server will send those files through the internet to any Website visitors wishing to access your site. No Website Hosting, no Website.

Let's get started by understanding Website Hosting.

Website Hosting is simple: it’s the behind-the-scenes action of your online activities. Your Website Hosting solution secures you an allotted section of a Server (you can even run the whole thing!) which powers your Website. This Server houses all of your important information, serving it up to your site visitors when they need it: that is, when they type your domain name into their search bar.

There are a few Website Hosting options for you to consider:

Website Hosting.

This does exactly what it says on the tin. The Server is shared between you and multiple other clients, so you share the memory, storage and bandwidth with your neighbours. A great option for small sites and businesses in their infancy, Shared Hosting solutions allow you to focus on attracting your Website visitors without the hassle of Server configuration and maintenance.

Virtual Private Server.

A VPS gives you more control over your hardware. Your information is stored in a segregated partition of a Server, on which all resources are entirely yours. This is great as you won’t see a dip in performance when another site receives a spike in traffic, because the resources on your VPS are dedicated to your site. The technical stuff is all yours too, giving you more freedom to configure the Server as you need it.

Dedicated Server.

The ultimate in business Hosting solutions, a Dedicated Server is just that: a Server which is entirely dedicated to you. It’s your own to do with what you wish, meaning abundant resources are in your hands. You’ll need a bit of technical know-how to get to grips with your Server’s configuration, but a simple control panel interface will allow you to keep things ticking over with relative ease.

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Website Optimisation.

Is your Website in need of updating but you don't have the time or resources to take care of it? Let us help with our Website Optimisation Services.

Den Lion Associates Website Optimisation includes:

Content Updates.
Managed Website Hosting.
Website Backups.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
And Anything Else you might need in the day to day running of your Website.

Do I need Website Optimisation?

Having a Website is great and almost mandatory in this day and age, it gives potential customers insight into your business, where you are, when you're open and of course what you sell. But it's only useful if people can actually find it!

There is so much competition out there you need to be sure your Website ranks well for your target customers. There are many elements to making this happen but one of the most important is ensuring it's kept up to date, and not just from the technology it's built with, the content must be recent.

If your latest News posting is from a year ago people may think you've not been keeping up with the latest developments and the Search Engines, such as Google, will almost certainly rank your competitors Website higher if their News is more recent than yours.

We know it takes time to publish Updates to your Website, you may only access it once or twice a year and it's often a pain trying to find the username and password your Website developer emailed you, and that's where we can help. Send us your Update and we'll do it for you, but that's not all, we can include Managed Website Hosting, take regular Website Backups, provide Website Design Services or help with Search Engine Optimisation to get your Website above your competitors.

What Does it Cost?

Ad-hoc/Pay As You Go Website Support.

This works well for many of our customers giving you the option to pay an hourly rate of £35 for any required system Updates, content changes, Search Engine Optimisation or any other type of changes/fixes required on your Website as and when you need.

There is a minimum one hour charge of £35 for any type of Update, however, we will accrue the time spent on your account over a calendar month which means if you use less than an hour you will be charged the full £35 but anytime over the hour is charged by the minute, for example an extra 30 minutes would cost you £17.50.

Monthly Website Optimisation Packages.

This option provides Website Hosting, Weekly Website Backups and two hours per month for Updates, fixes or any type of content changes, the cost starts from £100 per month. Additional time is then charged at a reduced rate of £30 per hour, again charged by the minute.

A Monthly Plan is more cost effective if you have frequent Updates and means we will Update your Website without requests from you, ensuring systems like Joomla or WordPress are kept up to date, along with any plugins or extensions.

Benefits of a Monthly Optimisation Package.

Priority on requests.
Managed Website Hosting.
Backups stored safely off-site.
New features and functions added as and when they are needed.
We'll inform you if things are getting a little outdated and help with Updating content with your input.
Advice on improvements to your Website as we keep abreast of the latest innovations.

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Web Costs.

ServiceCost FromCost To
Domain£5 per year£300 per year
Hosting£60 per year£100 per year
VPS Hosting£30 per month£150 per month
Dedicated Hosting£150 per month£250 per month
Website Backup & Restore£20 per year£40 per year
SSL Certificate£50 per year£300 per year
Content Creation£100£1,500
Mobile Responsiveness£200£2,000
Content Production£30 per hour£50 per hour
Premium Plugins£100 per year£500 per year
e-Commerce Plugins£300 per year£2,000 per year
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)£100£7,500
On-going Maintenance£30 per hour£60 per hour
Marketing/SEO£100 per month£500 per month

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