Commercial, Modular and Residential Property.

Business, Home and Leisure.

Den Lion Associates will source your requirements within the Commercial, Modular or Residential markets. Our team of Consultants consists of high grade specialists in Design, Planning, Conception, Budgeting, Construction, Sales and Marketing.

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Commercial Property.

Den Lion Associates is an expert Commercial Property Consultant working throughout the United Kingdom and Portugal.

We work exclusively with clients looking to find the right office space for their business, and will assist you finding a Commercial Property to rent. We never work for landlords, so our business focuses on finding the best solutions for you, not the owners of the building.

We provide the best advice, planning and Consultancy at every part of the process, whether you are buying or renting Commercial Properties, or renegotiating your existing office space lease.

Our team of Consultants will steer you through the process, providing honest and timely advice.

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Your Future Home Today.

Modular Build Homes. 

Den Lion Associates are pleased to offer Modular Build Homes within the United Kingdom and Portugal. Our Modular Build Homes production facilities are located in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates. We provide bespoke offsite Rapid Build Construction Solutions to the United Kingdom and Portugal markets.

We offer a full range of products and services for the Housing and Commercial Markets including Student Accommodation, Health Services, Sports Facilities, Hotels, Retirement residences or Large Scale residential projects. We purpose build for all environments and usage.

Our team consists of high grade specialists in Design, Planning, Conception, Budgeting, Construction, Sales and Marketing. We offer clients a full turnkey service that will provide a wide range of modules that can be suitably configured and flexible to adapt to exactly what the client requires on site, in an ever-changing global market. Den Lion Associates brings affordable solutions for social housing and first time buyers.

Our construction methodology can be up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods, with delivery to you in as little as 6 to 8 weeks dependant on design.

Our building methods can provide NHBC accreditation, providing the homes are installed by an accredited NHBC contractor on site to ensure criteria is met for Insurance and Mortgages.

Advantages working with Den Lion Associates.

Each of our partners have vast experience in the field of Offsite Rapid Construction. With the production capacity and the capability to supply to large scale developments, speed and the exemplary quality of the product we are well positioned to deliver to the growing demands of the market. We offer reliability, commitment, experience and efficiency. We make your projects happen.


Delivered in 6-8 weeks and installed within 48 hours.


NHBC Warranty, Insurable & Mortgage able.


From 25% cheaper in controlled manufacturing environments.


Experienced Management Team in partnership with blue-chip partners.

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New Residential Thinking.

The United Kingdom Residential market is changing and it is time for our thinking and Service to match. At Den Lion Associates we offer an innovative Residential Consultancy that helps our clients seize new opportunities.

Finding the opportunity and maximising the return.

Our Consultancy team provides insight and a tailored approach. We listen to you, whether you’re a landowner or house builder; we understand what you need and can help you to find the right solution to achieve your goals.

Our aim is always to help you to optimise the value of your land or development.

When it comes to a truly personal, professional and independent Property Service, Den Lion Associates is an expert Residential Property Builder and Finder. We are an independent firm offering objective Property advice. We have no outside stakeholders and owe allegiance only to our clients.

Finding the right Property is about knowing the right people.

Den Lion Associates Property contacts are second to none. This, together with a reputation for discretion and a respected professional approach, gives our clients a clear advantage in the fast moving and competitive Residential market. With access to the whole market we will source properties both ‘off’ and ‘pre’ market.

Invaluable Service.

Den Lion Associates has the resources and ingenuity to identify and secure your perfect Property – and on the best possible terms. We have our clients’ best interests at heart and our calm advice and eye for the finer points of the deal creates added value.

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