Consultancy Services.

Den Lion Associates offer Investment, Legal, Offshore, Property, Timeshare and Web Consultancy Services in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

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  • Investment


Den Lion Associates specialise in identifying wealth building opportunities through Property and Alternative Investments. We also offer alternative investments, such as Car Parks and Storage Units. Our main focus has always been to source and offer the best Investments and opportunities from around the world.

We understand that choosing the right Investment can be a difficult task, which is why our highly trained team of professional Investment advisers are always on hand to help and guide you step by step with every aspect of your purchase.


  • Offshore


Den Lion Associates offers our clients Confidential Offshore Banking facilities through our Consultancy Services. We also offer Habitual, Tax and Legal Consultancy Services in Portugal. 


  • Property


Business, Home and Leisure.

Den Lion Associates will source your requirements within the Commercial, Modular or Residential markets. Our team of Consultants consists of high grade specialists in Design, Planning, Conception, Budgeting, Construction, Sales and Marketing.


  • Timeshare


We Specialise in Timeshare Disputes and can Legally take you out of your Timeshare Contract if you feel you have been Mis-sold.

Are you looking to get out of your Timeshare?

Many people feel trapped by a timeshare contract or a holiday club membership and feel that there is no way out. You may be one of those people.


  • Web


How Much Does a Website Cost in 2017?

In our digital age, every successful business has a fantastic looking website that is professionally designed, easy to use and practical for users. In fact, having a professionally designed website can make the difference between your business merely existing and being highly successful.

It’s essential to hire the right professionals to build and maintain a website that is specifically designed to suit your needs. Den Lion Associates are those professionals.